Boutique Digital Currency Projects

  • Hosted Hashing

    This is the first project delivered by our team and the one from where we take our name. A Bitcoin 'Mining as Service' proposition that has customers in over 60 countries. The platform inlcuded automated sales and fulfillment with distributed tech support and a highly secure cloud-hosted architecture.

    The platform was mothballed in Q1 2014 although customers will still receive full support and mining payouts till the end of their contracts based at the new site here

  • KnC Wallet

    Byteminr were commissioned to produce a rapid prototype and launch of a wallet for Android phones that would introduce a simple directory to make sending and receiving Bitcoins easy and simple for friends and family.

    This wallet is a fork of the popular Android Bitcoin Wallet with a focus on simplicity. The wallet is opensource with the majority of the code being GPLv3. The source code can be downloaded here.